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Foundation: 5B+9 Vol
Accent 1: Simply Blonde Clay Lightener
Accent 2: Simply Blonde Crème Lightener
Glaze 1: 7VM+8BrM+9 Vol
Glaze 2: 9VM+8BrM+9 Vol

Step By Step Tutorial

Step 1

Step 1 Apply the foundation formulation as a retouch all over head. Section the hair into 6 zones as shown in diagram

Step 2

Step 2: In Zone 1, take a diagonal back section in the nape, and balayage with Accent 1. Repeat in Zone 2. Create a horizontal slide across zones 1 and 2 in the center of the nape right above the painted sections, and foiayage with Accent 2. Repeat this applicaiton 2-3 as you work up the sections

Step 3

Step 3: Take a diagonal formward section in Zone 3 and a diagonal back senction in Zone 1. Foilayage subsections across zones 1 and 3 with Accent 2. Surface paint everything underneath with Accent 1. Continue this pattern up the head in Zones 1 and 3. Repeat in Zones 2 and 4.

Step 4

Step 4: In Zones 5 and 6 begin foilayage using Accent 2, pivoting from the point of the triangle, leaving out part off the hair line. Behin to foilayage using Accent 2 pivoting from the point of the triangle in Zones 5 and 6. Between each foil, balayage the hair that is left out with Accent 1. Balayage the hairgline to finish Accent 1

Step 5

Step 5: After lifting to desired level, shampoo, and condition. Create depth and softness by melting Glaze 1 into Glaze 2 and process 15-25 minutes.