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How to Press Reset and Help Remove Vivid, Creative Hair Color

By: Wesley Boyce

Bold pops of brightness and all-over color using semi-permanent dyes are now more mainstream than ever. Whether it’s mermaid or galaxy hair, colorful money pieces, half-head contrasts, or other split dye looks, the Creative Colors trend is here to stay…but these colors don’t have to be permanent.

Kenra Professional Color Reset Crème is a game-changing tool for Creative Color clients to keep things fresh and help remove semi-permanent direct dyes from the hair in 30 minutes or less.

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This powerful packet contains a luxurious crème formulation mixed at a 1:1 ratio with Kenra Color 10 volume or 20 volume developer, based on the vibrancy of the semi-permanent color you would like to remove. Multiple packets may be necessary depending on the length, density, and the size of the surface area on which you are working. Apply generously to the area and work through the hair, avoiding natural hair or areas where no change is desired. Hair can be isolated using a foil with clips or conditioner underneath to protect areas that do not need to be reset.

When I first used this product, I was amazed at how quickly it starts working. It’s almost like magic! Process for up to 30 minutes and then assess the hair to determine next steps in the transformation. Pressing the reset button on these types of colors has never been easier. Check out Color Reset Crème in action here!

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