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By: Wesley Boyce

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In today’s day and age, cancer has affected all of us in one way or another. There are few solutions available, but great progress has been made in the fight against this terrible disease.

One such advancement that many people don’t know about is a technology called Cold Cap Therapy. Now, patients who are faced with undergoing chemotherapy have the option to potentially save their hair, which is huge.

Our hair is part of what gives us our identity, and the thought of losing it all or having to go buy a wig is devastating to some-- Many people faced with chemo actually deny treatment because they do not want to lose their hair.

Now, through Cold Cap Therapy, many patients can undergo chemotherapy to treat the spread of cancer or prevent a reoccurrence while keeping most of their hair throughout the process!

What is Cold Cap Therapy?

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Cold Cap Therapy involves the use of “caps” that are cooled to very cold temperatures, placed tightly around the patient’s head, and changed out in timed increments before, during, and after each chemotherapy treatment to maintain a consistent cold throughout the process. The subzero temperature is believed to constrict the blood vessels in the scalp around the hair, limiting or keeping the chemo drugs from reaching the hair follicles, which are also in a more dormant state of metabolic activity due to the cold. This allows the hair to be affected much less, and in most cases, the patient is able to keep his or her hair, which in a lot of ways, helps them to still feel like themselves and is a huge win for self-confidence and morale. In order to do the job properly, Cold Cap therapy must be implemented with the very first chemo treatment and cannot be started afterwards. It is crucial that patients learn about the process beforehand so they have options to choose from. It is no easy feat to go through this process while also undergoing treatment, and there is some work involved in terms of maintenance and upkeep, but the patients that I have spoken with personally have all said that it was one of the best decisions they ever made in their cancer journey.

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