By: David Lopez

We know primers prep your skin for the rest of your routine, keeping your shadow from creasing, and helping your foundation stay put. And we know that makeup primers act the same way paint primers do; they help prep the surface to receive and hold makeup. But have you ever thought of priming your hair styling? If it seems to you like there’s a new product launched every day, you’re right — so you might wonder, hair primer? Do I need it?

Primers help your makeup last longer but can also be used to address specific concerns and the same concept goes for whatever product you choose to prime your hair with. But since you’re probably wondering exactly what is this magical concept that gives you longer lasting styles and healthier hair I’m breaking it down with products that set you up for style success.

I’ve always approached haircare like skincare and use products to prime the hair, prep the hair, then finish my style. Technically whatever product you apply onto your damp hair before you style is priming your locks to give you the result you’re trying to achieve. You might reach for a mousse for body, a heat blocking cream for protection, or an oil for moisture and gloss. The new Kenra Platinum Prime Shampoo and Conditioner primes all hair types it where it starts- in the shower, and makes those products you’re using to style be even more effective.

Hair primers when layered under other styling products (or worn alone), not only help your styles last longer, but make your hair look smoother and healthier—even after all that blow-drying, flat-ironing, and curling.

The shampoo is a great place to start since it's a fantastic, color-safe, sulfate-free cleanser but it also helps improve hair elasticity (meaning the stretch) of your hair. Think of your hair like a fabric, what happens to that fabric when it’s wet? It stretches and that favorite shirt or sweater can become shapeless and limp. Same for your hair! Better elasticity in your hair means more body and style retention. A win-win.

Next up? The Kenra Platinum Prime Conditioner now helps smooth out the cuticle of your hair so that whatever product or products you’re using to style can be distributed evenly on the surface of your hair. One of my favorite things about this conditioner is the amount of slip it gives hair. Locks are instantly moisturized without feeling heavy or coated and easier than ever to detangle.

Follow up this routine with your favorite styling product and you’re set up for long-lasting style results with strands that are bouncy, shiny, and healthy.

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