Where can I buy Kenra Professional Products?
To find a salon or retailer in your area that carries Kenra products, please visit . We always recommend calling before your visit to make sure they have the products or services you are looking to purchase.
Can I buy Kenra Professional products at mass stores or groceries?
We distribute exclusively to professional salon retailers ONLY. For salon professionals, we authorize the sale of our products through Salon Centric, CosmoProf, Armstrong McCall, State-RDA, and Paramount Beauty. Consumers may purchase our products from professional salons, salon chains, and other retailers such as well as Beauty Brands, Ulta Beauty, and Amazon. We fight relentlessly to keep our products out of the hands of unauthorized retailers such as Ebay, big box, groceries, and drugstores. Oftentimes, unauthorized retailers carry only a small, mismatched inventory. Many of these retailers are selling products that have passed the recommended shelf life or may have been tampered with in some way. For these reasons, we do not guarantee the quality and performance of products sold through these channels.
How much do Kenra Professional products cost?
To find the latest prices and promotions in your area, please visit your local salon.
Can I receive samples?
At this time, we do not offer samples. Please visit a salon that carries Kenra in your area. They may have sample or testers and may allow you try the product. We also offer travel sizes of our most popular products. Selection may vary between retailers.
How can I reach the customer service team and when should I expect a response?
Please contact Customer Service at or call us at 800-428-8073. We do our best to respond to all customers within 48 hours.
What other countries can I find Kenra Professional products?
Currently our products are available in the United States and Canada.
I am an influencer or editor and would like samples to review?
For consideration, please visit: and fill out our Media Inquiry form. Please note that we are unable to accommodate every request. However, we may be in touch as future opportunities arise.
How do I get a list of ingredients for one of your products?
For a complete listing of our product ingredients, please visit our website at Simply search for the product in question and click on the “Ingredients” tab.
Where can I work for Kenra?
For available openings, please visit Henkel Career Site.
Is Kenra Cruelty Free?
We are proud to say that Kenra Professional products are PETA certified. This certification includes that we do not conduct or commission any animal tests on ingredients, formulations, or finished products and that Kenra Professional pledges not to do so in the future.


I'm a professional stylist and I want to carry Kenra Professional products in my salon. Who do I contact?
Please complete contact form . Please provide the following information: Salon Name and location (city and state).
How do I enroll for salon rewards?
Our Diamond Club allows us to reward salons for their loyalty to Kenra Professional. We would be happy to help you enroll. Please visit our Contact Us Page. Please provide the following information: Salon Name, location (city and state).
How can I add my salon to your salon locator?
Please contact the Kenra Business Development Representative in your area or please visit Contact Us. Please provide the following information: Salon Name, location (city and state).
I'm a professional hairstylist and I'm interested in becoming an educator. Where do I get information about Kenra Professional Brand Educator Program (Independent Contractor)?
Please complete the Brand Educator Application for any future independent contractor opportunities that may become available.
Where Can I Find SDS Sheets For Products?
Please review them on each product page under the ingredients drop down.


Hairpray Clogging
To avoid chronic clogging issues, we always recommend shaking the product thoroughly before each use. Ingredients can separate causing the small straw inside to pull the heaviest contents to the top resulting in a clog. The longer a product sits without use, the more likely this is to happen. We find that shaking the product before each use helps to eliminate continual issues with clogging. For an aerosol product that is currently clogged, you might also try the following troubleshooting tip from our Brand Development team. If the nozzle or product is not spraying correctly, remove it from the can and soak it in hot water. While the nozzle is off the can, run the stem under hot water for two minutes, then shake the can well and put back on the nozzle. This usually solves the problem. In addition, if your hairspray continues to build up around the nozzle, try cleaning the nozzle right after use so the residue does not dry, causing clogs.
Product Problems
Please complete Contact Us Form.
Color Questions
Color questions please call 1-800-428-8073 or please visit Contact Us