Rapid Toners

Rapid Toners


Rapid Toners from Kenra Color® have been designed to process and tone in 5 minutes or less. These ammonia-free, deposit-only colors have been formulated to provide clients with the consistent, reliable results while enhancing blonde levels, 8, 9, and 10 or to be a multi-dimensional tone refresher for any hair color. Kenra Color Demi-Permanent Rapid Toners offer versatility for adding multi-dimensional tones in four warm or cool shades.

  • Quick process time, 5 minutes or less

  • Specifically designed to enhance blonde levels 8, 9, and 10

  • Offered in four shades

Rapid Toner Shade / Effect

Beige Toning on levels 9-10 with Violet reflection creates a neutral Beige end result

Violet Pearl Toning on levels 8-10 with a Violet Pearl reflection

Silver Violet Toning on levels 8-10 with a Silver Violet reflection

Green Blue Toning on level 4-6 with Green Blue tones to neutralize unwanted warmth

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