Manual Cold Caps


Manual cold caps can be used at any location with the dry ice method, which is still what most American patients have to use. As the caps are reported to work as much as 80-90% of the time with some drugs, many patients find the process well worth their while. A set of caps can be shipped as quickly as overnight if necessary. Please note the caps can only save one's hair if used from the start of chemo, and must be used for all chemo sessions.

Manual cold caps can also be used with a biomedical freezer. (Full list of freezer locations is on the Rapunzel website in the Locations subsection.) But when there is no freezer available, it is important to remember that dry ice is equally effective -- it just requires an extra helper and a bit more work to get it done. (We donate biomedical freezers to supportive clinics - please have your clinic reach out to us if they have an interest.)

There are five suppliers of manual caps we can recommend for cap rental. You should discuss your chemo drugs with the providers and determine who has the best success record for your situation.

1. The first US supplier, since 2005, is Penguin Cold Caps ( Contact Geralyn Pewarchie, their chief U.S. rep, at 810-498-0088 or Penguin Caps rental is priced at $395 per month, and all supplies are included with the shipment. Penguin has been doing this for over 20 years around the world, and they advise their caps have been successful with a large variety of chemo drugs, including AC, usually the toughest drug on the hair.

2. The next US supplier, founded in 2012, is Chemo Cold Caps, ( Contact 800-290-7196 or They are very user-friendly and supportive, and all supplies are also included in their shipment. Chemo Cold Caps are priced at $425/month and are reported to work well with taxanes like TC and TCH, as well as a number of other drugs (inquire).

3. We can also recommend Arctic Cold Caps, founded in 2015 ( Contact 888-852-1005 or Arctic's caps are reported to well with taxanes like TC and TCH, as well as a number of other drugs (inquire). Arctic also includes supplies with their caps and offers free Skype training. Rental is priced at $379/month.

4. Wishcaps was started in 2013 ( Contact Jason or Kyra at 713-853-9299 or Wishcaps are effective with the taxanes and some other drugs (inquire). Supplies are included with their caps, and the monthly rental fee is $325. Wishcaps offers discounted dry ice in Houston and helps patients secure the least expensive dry ice in their area whenever possible.

5. Warrior Caps ( opened for business in July 2016 and is newest to our list of recommended providers. Contact 817-731-6242 or Warrior takes pride in the personalized care their patients receive. They also include supplies. Their caps are reported to work well with the taxanes (inquire about other drugs). Warrior's price is $425 per treatment for 4 chemo sessions; their cost per chemo session decreases for subsequent treatments. WARRIOR ONLY SUPPORTS DRY ICE USERS (not freezer users).

Please note prices could change from what we have been told; we suggest you verify with the providers. In all cases, there are additional costs for any dry ice needed. All companies can provide patient references if you would like some, including patients in the area and/or patients with the same chemo regimen.