6 Ways to Rock Red with Kenra Color

By: Kenra Professional

Red is officially the statement color for spring! After looking back at the evolution of the color trend, “soft cinnamon” may currently be the most sought-after shade, but this color family is not one-size-fits-all. While the classic red hue can be challenging to master, this head-turning color family can work on any skin tone, depending on the shade. From 6BC for brunettes to 6CN for a captivating yet natural copper, our Kenra Professional Brand Educators continue to unleash their creativity and bring out the best in their clients looking to make a radiant change and rock the red. Let’s look at how they’re doing it!

Brittany Gillespie @thebrittanyshears

“I love the warm trends that are amping up. The rich reds and strawberry tones are so luxurious and full of life. I love the brightness that warm and red tones bring to my clients’ skin.

Formula: 8C Permanent lowlights on natural red with Simply Blonde Natural Ultra Lift.

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Formula: 6CN Permanent and 6RR Permanent melted to 7CC Demi with a glaze of Velvet Wine, Muted Copper, and Red Creatives.

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Karey Villalobos @hairbycookie720

“The red trend is here to stay. I'm glad I have clients trying it because it is trending, but I'm finding that many want to keep it because it just suits them so well. 7CC and 9CC in our demi-permanent line have been my favorite to play with, because even though it's at those lighter levels, the color is still full of life and vibrancy while looking like natural red hair. The two things you and your clients will notice using our reds are the shine and reflection that make the hair look so healthy, as well as the longevity of the color itself.”

Formula: Kenra Permanent 6C and 8C in equal parts with 10 volume developer melted into Kenra Demi 7CC & 9CC in equal parts.

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KJ Murphy @kjmurphyhair

“The warm Kenra Color Creatives are so stunning and have a lot of richness to them, as you can see. However, the key to any bold fashion shade is a clean blonde canvas underneath. I love using Simply Blonde Beyond Bond Lightener for lifting because I get an even, consistent lift and keep the hair healthy. The red trends show me that clients are not just okay with warmth but fully embracing it. They’re going for full fire, and I love it!”

Formula: Beyond Bond Lightner to lift then Kenra Creatives 2:1 Red and Deep Plum from roots to ends.

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Victoria Cota @transformedbeauty

“I love seeing red tones trending again. My clients have specifically been asking for copper tones-- everything from wanting to look like a natural redhead to being vivid and bright!”

Formula: Kenra Demi 7CC with 6R and 9 volume developer from roots to midshaft melted into 9CC and 9 volume developer processed for 25 minutes.

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Sarah McGinty @sarahstyles215

“When approaching this golden hour look with the Sunrise Collection, I melted these gorgeous Demi formulas within the same tonal family to give fluid dimension. This nuance is very desirable currently and allows clients to capture the ‘golden hour’ in their hair.”

Formula: Simply Blonde Blue Powder Lightener and 20 volume developer for a full foil with balayaged pieces. Shadow Root using Kenra Demi 5C melted into alternating panels of 9CC & 7CC, along with 9GG in the front, all using 9 volume developer.

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