Everything You Need To Know About Babylights

By: Kenra Professional

Do you have clients coming in asking for babylights? We are here to help explain exactly what babylights are, how to do them, and what to tell your clients as far as maintenance goes. 

What Are Babylights?

Babylights are thinner versions of highlights. They give you that beacy blonde color that makes it look like you just spent all summer outside soaking up the sun. The goal is to create a dimensional blonde hair color that will make the hair look as natural as possible. This is not to be confused with balayage.

In French balayage means to sweep. In the world of hair coloring, it means to freehand the color. Balayage also doesn’t use foils or a cap to create the highlights. When doing babylights, you will be using the foils and a lot of them.

What Hair Types Are Babylights For?

One great thing about babylights is they can be used on any hair type. The one hair type that it would look best on is clients with fine hair. Babylights will add dimension and make the hair appear thicker. This look can also work on any hair length, although it works great with hair that is chin length or longer. 

It’s great for clients with virgin hair because it will add great accents to the hair without drastically changing the hair color. It also works well on clients that are trying to get out of a drastic color change. 

For example, if your client currently has an ombre look going on, and they want their natural look back, using babylights can help transition the hair back to that. You can use the babylights to blend both colors and make it easier as the hair is growing out.

Are Babylights Just for Blondes?

The answer is simple: no! Whether your client comes in with light or dark hair, you will be able to add babylights into their hair. You are just adding dimension to the hair, so the amount of contrast you choose to give is up to you! Babylights can be done on virgin hair with both color and lightener, whereas previously colored hair may need to be lightened and then toned according to the desired end result.

How Are Babylights Added?

You are going to want to make sure that you are getting thin, tiny weaves of hair, not thicker sections like you may normally do for regular highlights. 

The ultra-thin strands will help to make a natural blend when you are finished. You are going to want to focus on placing the babylights on your client right by the hairline, around where the part is. This is because you want to make sure that you are going to have the hair transition subtly and progressively from the roots down to the ends, getting lighter as you move down. 

Keep Babylights Shiny

When you give your clients babylights, it’s important to tell them they need to keep their hair shiny to enhance the look of the babylights. You can suggest our Kenra Professional products to help them keep their hair looking shiny and healthy.

  • Enriched with precious gold for lustrous and silky hair

  • Transforms dull and lifeless strands to glamorous and full-bodied locks

  • Leaves the hair stunningly silky to the touch

  • Ideal for all hair types

  • Revitalizes and rejuvenates to give you healthy-looking hair with incredible manageability and smoothness

  • All-in-one miracle spray enriched with precious gold for opulent slip and lustrous shine

  • Provides heat protection up to 450°F (232°C)

  • Has an innovative sprayer to deliver a fine mist application for easy distribution

  • Can be used as a cutting lotion, after cleansing, or for refreshing dull styles

  • Leaves the hair stunningly silky to the touch

How to use: Shake well before use. Press firmly and quickly for fine mist application.

When you are using it as a cutting lotion, layer the appropriate amount onto damp hair for instant slip manageability. When used after cleansing, layer the appropriate amount onto damp hair and comb through ends for radiant shin. When used as a finisher, refresh mid lengths to ends by spraying into your palm and applying to dry hair.

Kenra Platinum Luxe Shine Oil (medium to thick hair)

  • This is a lustrous nourishing elixir

  • Nourishes medium to thick hair for supple strands

  • Enhances shine, manageability and protects against thermal damage

  • Lustrous nourishing oil, enriched with precious gold

How to use: Cleanse and condition
the hair. Depending on the length of the hair, apply three to five pumps to towel-dried hair. When used as a styler, blow-dry the hair or let it dry naturally for added shine and manageability. When used as a finisher, it will tame flyaways and smooth strands for a shiny and silky end result.

How Long Do Babylights Take?

Highlights alone can take a lot of time. Babylights can take even longer because you are taking such thin strands of hair. Make sure that when your client comes in for babylights, you explain the extensiveness of the process and that it could take you anywhere from two or more hours to do, depending on the thickness and length of your client’s hair.

Babylights Maintenance

Your client may ask you a couple of questions about the upkeep of the babylights. There is minimal upkeep for this type of highlight. Seeing that they are finely woven into the hair, when it starts to grow out the roots will blend in and there won’t be that awkward grow-out phase. 

In most cases, your client won’t need a touch-up for about 75-90 days, depending on how fast their hair grows out and the look they are ultimately trying to achieve. If they are trying to transition back to their natural hair color, then they may just let their hair grow without any more babylights, or you can choose to apply them blended off the scalp for a more natural growth.

At Home Care for Babylights

Besides making sure you tell your client to take care of the shininess of their new babylights, they should also be using products that are color-safe. If they use heat tools regularly, then they should be using a heat protectant to help prevent color fading.  Kenra Professional has all these products covered.

  • Recharges brilliance, vibrancy, and longevity of hair color up to 50 shampoos

  • Enriched with Fade Fighting Technology

  • Locks color pigments inside the hair’s cuticle for maximum color retention

  • Ideal for all hair types and colors

  • Provides moisture to lock color pigments inside the hair’s cuticle for maximum color retention

  • Daily color protection and shine

  • Maintains up to 67% of color between services

  • Protects color for 35 washes

  • pH balancing system is designed to lock in color for long-lasting vibrancy

  • Maintains color vibrancy up to 25 heat styles

  • Locks in 98% of color pigments

  • Delivers intense thermal protection up to 450°F (232°C)

  • Medium hold for styling versatility

How to use: Remove excess moisture from the hair after washing. Hold the can eight to 10 inches from the hair. When used as a styler, use it before hot tools for thermal protection and to lock in color. When used as a finisher, spray it from mid-lengths to ends for desired hold and finishing results.

  • Ultimate protection against environmental stressors and heat up to 450°F (232°C)

  • Enriched with Fade Fighting Technology

  • Retains color pigments inside the cuticle for a long-lasting shine

  • Provides maximum color retention during and after styling

How to use: Spray throughout damp or dry hair and comb through to the ends.

Ready To Go

Now you have all the information you will need to answer your client’s questions and perform babylights in their hair. Recommend Kenra Professional products to use at home to help them keep their hair shiny so that the babylights can look their best!   


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