How to Get Extra Volume in Your Hair with Volume Mist 2

By: Kenra Professional

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Tired of having hair that keeps going flat or wish you had an easy way to refresh lifeless locks? Kenra Professional is pleased to introduce another solution to its award-winning volumizing lineup with Volume Mist 2—a lightweight, light hold styler that offers buildable, flexible volume making it simple to create lived-in styles and trending looks.

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With a non-aerosol pump featuring a lightweight mist that is designed for a weightless finish, this flexible styler provides the option to layer in volume and the appearance of fullness that lasts up to 48 hours. It also contains up to 450 degrees of thermal protection, making it a great option pre or post-hairstyling. As a finisher, it complements the hair by also enhancing its shine.

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Volume Mist pairs well with any of our finishing stylers, plus delivers thermal protection and enhanced shine. When paired with our classic favorite Volume Spray 25, this duo will help achieve up to 50% more volume in the hair than when using Volume Mist 2 alone. Check out the difference below!

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Simple, versatile volume – the more you pump, the more volume you build!

To Use: Spray product from roots to ends in sections on damp hair. Heat style as desired. Re-apply to dry hair if you wish to build more volume or refresh the style.

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