How To Get Static Out of Hair With These Quick Fixes

By: Kenra Professional

Electricity; it’s an essential part of modern life, but when it gets caught up in your hair, you’ll be left looking like you just got shocked by an electrical outlet. Static electricity seems to always find its way into your hair—especially in the winter.

If you struggle with a constant battle against hair static, then it’s time to get up to speed with these life-changing anti-static tricks. Kick static to the curb and get ready for frizz-free, smooth hair that doesn’t shock you every time you touch something.

What Is Static Electricity?

Before we get into how your hair can become statically charged, it is important that you understand what static electricity is and how it works. Think of this as a quick look back at elementary science class.

You probably remember the classic balloon demonstration where someone rubs a balloon on your hair to make it stand up on end. This is a static electricity experiment. What you may not remember is the explanation of this exercise.

Everything is made up of atoms, and each atom has either a positive or negative charge. Things with opposite charges attract one and other—negative to positive. Things with the same charge repel one and other—positive to positive or negative to negative. Think of magnets. You can put two sides that are the same together, but the opposite sides go together with a satisfying snap.

Static electricity happens when there is an imbalance of positive and negative charges on the surface of an object. When two objects rub together, they can transfer charges. Static electricity is created when two objects come in contact with one another and have different

For example, when you wear socks and rub your feet across the carpet, your whole body collects the extra electrons, giving you a positive charge. As soon as you reach to touch another object, you get shocked. Ouch!

What Causes Static in Our Hair?

Now that you understand the basics of static electricity, it will be much easier to explain how static occurs in our hair. Since your hair is a part of your body, it can build up electrical charges. You may notice that your hair gets super statically charged when you are wearing a hat. This is a result of—you guessed it—static electricity.

Generally speaking, your hair is negatively charged at its natural state. However, when you are wearing a hat, the hat typically gets a build-up of excess electrons, giving it an electrical charge. When you lift the hat off your head, it takes some of the negative electrons from your hair with it. This gives a bunch of your hairs a positive charge causing them to lift up.

But why do the hairs lift? Remember how magnets with the same charge repel each other? Now that a bunch of your hairs are positive, they all lift up because they are trying not to touch each other. This is because they all have the same charge and are repelling each other. Luckily, this hair problem is easy to fix.

How To Rid Your Hair of Pesky Static Electricity

Don’t worry; the science-y part is over. Let’s move on to ways you can avoid static and more helpful tips and tricks to keep your hair looking its very best. Hair static can be extra tricky in dry climates or during the winter.

This is because there are lower levels of humidity during this time of year. If you struggle with winter static, frizz, or dryness, then just know that you are not alone and that your hair-care routine may benefit from a lot of added moisture.

Change Your Hats
Yes, hats are a great way to stay warm in the winter months. Plus, they can make for a really fashionable accessory. However, they also lead to dreaded hat hair. If you want to sport a fun hat and avoid the frizz and static that accompany it, you may want to look for a hat with a silk or satin lining.

These materials are much smoother than others and will not rub against your hair, causing unwanted friction. Upgrading to a silk-lined hat will allow you to wear a hat but still feel confident in removing it for a while without looking like a frizzy mess.

Moisturizing Hair Oil
Another possible cause of unwanted static is dehydrated hair. When the climate is dry, your hair may need some extra moisture to keep it in shape. Try using a moisturizing oil to combat static and dry ends.

Simply work a small amount of Kenra Moisturizing Oil from the mid-lengths of your hair down to the ends. This oil will instantly absorb into your hair strands for a shiny, flawless, frizz-free finish.

Anti-Frizz Hair Spray
Need a quick static eliminator? Then grab your favorite hairspray and a metal comb. Trust us. Once you try this trick, you’ll want to keep a mini hairspray and comb in your purse at all times. Simply spray the metal comb with a bit of your favorite hairspray and then brush through your hair from root to tip.

The metal comb will absorb all the static from your hair, leaving you with perfectly smooth hair. Then, the hairspray will tame any remaining flyaways and lock your look in place. For added moisture, try a hairspray that is formulated to hydrate and add shine like the Kenra Shine Spray.

Seasonal Change in Shampoo and Conditioner
Another great way to combat static is to make sure that your hair-care routine is as moisturizing as possible in the winter. As the seasons change, so do our hair needs. Try switching to a Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner in the dryer months to start your hair-care routine off with as much moisture as possible. This will help to reduce frizz and protect your hair from seasonal dryness.

Deep Conditioning
You can also boost your hair’s moisture periodically by using a deep conditioning treatment. Hydrated hair is less likely to hold static, and during the winter months, it can be hard to keep your hair hydrated.

Deep conditioning treatments take your moisturizing wash routine to the next level by penetrating deep into the hair’s follicle to hydrate from the inside out. Try rotating the Kenra Nourishing Masque into your routine every few washes to give your hair an intensive moisture boost.

Leave-In Conditioner
You can also boost moisture by using a rich leave-in conditioner. The Kenra Platinum Luxe One Leave-In Conditioner can be applied to damp or dry hair to reduce frizz, boost moisture, and detangle all in one step. This versatile product is great for fighting off winter hair and keeping your hair silky, smooth, and glowing with health.

To apply to wet hair, shake the bottle well and then spray from root to tip. Next, brush out your tangles to evenly distribute the leave-in conditioner. If you want to apply it to dry hair for a freshen-up, simply shake the bottle and then spray a bit of conditioner into your hands. Then, use your hands to distribute the leave-in from midlength to your hair’s ends. Your hair should be static-free and super quenched.

Ionic Hair Dryer
Want to fight static from the get-go? Then you may want to try out an ionic hair dryer. These special hairdryers work by emitting negative ions to help dry your hair faster. This process also helps to minimize heat damage and reduce static charge. This is a high-tech and highly effective way to fight hair static.

The Old Dryer Sheet Trick
Are you in a pinch? There is no metal comb on hand, your hair is full of static, and you look like you just got struck by lightning. No worries! Grab a dryer sheet.

Yes, the ones you use for laundry. Then simply rub the sheet over your hair in areas where it is full of static. This will leave you smelling like a fresh load of laundry but will also lay your static to rest. If you are in a pinch, this age-old trick will get the job done.

Wrapping It Up

Hair static is a seasonal annoyance. You can spend hours making your hair look perfect, only to arrive with hair that stands on end. However, now that you know all the tips and tricks to combat hair static, you can be prepared this winter. So get your moisturization on, and always keep a metal comb in your purse.


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