Quick Halo Highlights for Beautiful Dimensional Hair Color

By: Kenra Professional

April 2023

halo highlights 0003 final look

Step 1: Section hair into a horseshoe parting in the crown and split that section in half.

halo highlights 0000 split hair

Step 2: Mix Simply Blonde Beyond Bond Lightener in a 1:2 ratio with 20 Volume Kenra Color Developer. Starting on one side taking a diagonal back parting, weave out a section, lightly backcomb and apply lightener, feathering up toward the part. For this particular result, feel free to make the weaves wider because the backcombing or teasing will soften the contrast for a more diffused look. As you continue to work from the front to the back, start spacing out your subsections a little further each time for more concentrated brightness towards the front. Pivot and transition the foil placement from diagonal back to vertical subsections as you move into the crown.

halo highlights 0001 lightener

Step 3: Continue to the opposite side and repeat the same pattern and technique as in the previous section.

halo highlights 0005 foils

Step 4: Check and remove foils. For this look, brightness and contrast with the existing brunette is key, so pre-lightening the hair to level 8-9 is ideal.

halo highlights 0004 shampoo
protip april

Step 5: Tone with GV Rapid Toner at a 1:2 ratio with Kenra Color 9 Volume Activator. Process for just 5 minutes. Shampoo, condition, and style using Daily Provision Spray for conditioning benefits and then layer with Volume Mousse Extra 17 for body, bounce, and shine. Finish the look with Perfect Medium Spray 13 and Volumizing Spray Clay 15 for hold and definition.

halo highlights 0002 step 5

How to Do Quick Halo Teasylights for Lived-In Hair Color

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