11 Reasons It is Time to Think Outside the Box When It Comes to Hair Color

By: Kenra Professional

June 2023

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If you've been using box hair dye to color your hair, now might be time to reconsider your choice. While box hair dye can be convenient and affordable, it comes with a range of potential drawbacks that can negatively impact your hair’s health and appearance. Here, we’re sharing 11 reasons you’ll want to switch from box hair dye to professional hair dye in a salon.

1. Box dyes typically contain metallic dyes.
Many box dyes use metallic salts such as lead, copper, and silver to dye your hair, and can cause chemical reactions. While these dyes can provide a quick color fix, they can also cause serious damage to your hair. Over time, metallic dyes can build up on the hair shaft and create a dull, brassy look. Additionally, when you try to remove box dye, the metallic dyes can react with professional color, making it difficult to achieve the desired result.

2. Box color isn't a one-size-fits-all solution.
Everyone's hair is different—and box dyes aren't designed to take into account your individual hair types, textures, and colors. So, the color you achieve with a box dye may not be the same as the color you see on the box. Box dyes typically contain a limited range of colors, so you may not be able to achieve the exact shade you're looking for.

3. Going back and forth between salon color and box color is a bad idea.
If you've been using box dyes for a while and decide to switch to salon color, it's important to stick with salon color. Going back and forth between salon color and box color can cause damage to your hair and make it difficult for your colorist to achieve the desired result. Also, box dyes can contain ingredients that can react negatively with salon color—so it's best to avoid them altogether.

4. Time and money spent on color corrections can add up.

If you've had a bad experience with box dye, you know how difficult it can be to correct the color. Color corrections are time-consuming and expensive. By switching to professional hair dye in a salon, you can almost certainly eliminate the need for color corrections altogether and achieve the color you want from the start.

5. Professional hair dye is less damaging to your hair.
Professional hair dye is formulated with high-quality ingredients that are much more gentle and less damaging to your hair than box dyes. Another plus: Salon color is applied by trained professionals who know how to minimize damage and protect the health of your hair. Kenra Color, for example, contains Balancing Complex 5, a proprietary blend of ingredients that provide vibrant, long-lasting color with intense shine while maintaining a gentle formulation.

6. Professional hair dye lasts longer than box dye.
Get more for your money. Salon color is designed to last longer than box dye, which means you'll need to touch up your color less frequently. This can save you time and money in the long run, as well as reduce the damage caused by frequent coloring`.

7. Salon color is customized to your hair.
When getting your hair professionally colored in a salon, your stylist will take into account your individual hair type, texture, and color to create a customized color that works for you. So, you'll get a natural, flattering color that's tailored to your needs.

8. Professional hair dye is more consistent.
Box dyes can be unpredictable. The color you get may vary from one application to the next. With salon color, you'll get more consistent results every time.

9. Professional hair dye can be used for a range of color techniques.
Want to opt for highlights, balayage, or ombre color? If you're looking to achieve a more complex color look like one of the effects above, salon color is the way to go. These techniques require specialized knowledge and training, and they can't be achieved with box dye.

10. Salon color can enhance the overall health of your hair.
Professional hair dye contains ingredients that can enhance your hair’s overall health and appearance. These ingredients can strengthen your hair, add shine, and improve its texture—leaving you with healthy strands. Kenra Color’s Balancing Complex 5 allows for improved condition and manageability of the hair.

11. Trying to save money in the short term may not always equate to savings in the long run.
While box dye may be cheaper than salon color, the long-term costs can add up. If you have to correct the color or deal with damaged hair, the costs can quickly outweigh the initial savings. By investing in a professional hair color appointment, you can avoid these costs and achieve a better overall result.

Switching from box hair dye to a professional color service in a salon is a smart choice for anyone looking for vibrant, high-quality, long-lasting hair color. By avoiding the damaging effects of metallic dyes, getting a customized color, and making the most of trained professionals’ expertise, you can achieve your desired hair color—with less damage and less hassle. You’ll also enjoy healthier, shinier hair overall.

Think outside the box. We’ll see you at the salon.

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