Kenra Throwback NFT

By: Kenra Professional

Kenra Professional is the first professional haircare brand to create our own NFT to celebrate our Volume Spray 25 80’S THROWBACK campaign. We are releasing a limited-edition bottle to honor the iconic Volume Spray 25, launched initially in 1987.

You can purchase a limited edition of only 25 copies of the NFT. Each of the first edition (only 25) copies come will include a limited edition gift box with the Volume Spray 25 limited edition bottle, an 80s inspired scrunchie, and leg warmers. ($60+ Value) + 2 surprises.


The proceeds will go to The Rapunzel Project, our longtime charity partner dedicated to creating awareness around cold cap therapy, which helps chemotherapy patients keep their hair during treatment.

Volume Spray LE NFT blog

VS25 LE box blog

What is a NFT?

Many brands are taking advantage of NFT and cryptocurrency mania and using digital artwork to market their products and drive brand awareness, often rushing to become the first in their category to sell an NFT. What is an NFT, you ask?

• An NFT is a non-fungible token, a type of cryptocurrency, representing digital files, including video, audio, and art.

• An NFT operates on a blockchain (transparent network)

• Their value is subjective and can quickly fluctuate depending on the market, just like stocks.

• Each NFT is given an identification code to distinguish one NFT from another. It cannot be traded, exchanged, or replicated, which makes it a digital collectible.

Are you still confused? Let’s go through some examples.

Taco Bell sold 25 NFTs to support the Live Más Scholarship.

taco bell NFT

Kings of Leon is the first band to release an album as an NFT, including live show perks like front row seats for life.

kings of leon NFT

Last, we have the famous Nyan Cat. This gif originated on YouTube and quickly became an internet sensation. It sold for $580k as an NFT.

Nyan Cat nft

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