3 Reasons Why Kenra’s 10-Minute Color Just Got Better

By: Wesley Boyce

Ti­­me is of the essence in today’s fast paced world. The salon experience is no exception to this rule, and now more so than ever, stylists are looking to provide quick, convenient services to their clients where they can in order to give more time back in the day, making it easier for some clients to book appointments knowing they won't be there for several hours

Kenra Color’s Studio Stylist Express, a 10-minute permanent color sub-line, has been cherished as a time saving tool for root retouches, gray coverage, and more. With the debut of a dozen initial shades, Studio Stylist Express has now gotten even better with three additional options to elevate and expand the possibilities:

3N shade

3N - An even deeper neutral for darker levels and custom gray coverage formulations

7g shade

7G - Medium golden blonde for adding richness and warmth on its own or with other shades

9n shade

9A - Light ash blonde with extra control to keep the brass at bay when lifting and depositing

Studio Stylist Express is mixed at a 1:1 ratio with 20 volume developer and processed for 10 minutes. When gray coverage is needed, a percentage of N will need to be included in the formula based on the percentage of gray. Kenra’s wildly educational YouTube channel provides fast and easy time-saving coloring tips and techniques using Studio Stylist Express:

If you are a stylist looking for more information on Studio Stylist Express, be sure to read our downloadable technical manual.

If you are not a stylist but are interested in saving time at the salon, ask your stylist about Kenra’s 10-minute color and let them know about this article!

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