Move Over Cowgirls: Coastal Copper Hair Has Arrived

By: Kenra Professional

November 2023

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One of the most popular hair color trends to take social media by storm is the Cowgirl Copper Hair Color, centered around the warm coppers, reds, and browns inspired by the many tones of leather. While this color palette is a classic that will never go away, some are opting to trade in the saddle for the sand, looking for a more dimensional and lived-in take on sun-kissed strands. Below, Lo Wheeler walks us through the process of creating a stunning coastal copper hair aesthetic. We’ve made a list of key takeaways to be used in conjunction with the video below to guide you through the techniques and formulations used to achieve this beachy copper vibe.

Step 1 : Consultation and Planning

  • Discuss the desired look with the client, aiming for a natural, sun-kissed beachy vibe.

  • Analyze the client's hair, focusing on the existing color, texture, and length. Make note of the perimeter and notice any disconnections that may be present in the cut to be mindful of how it will appear after the color is completed.

  • Plan the placement of balayage “ribbons” and highlights, keeping in mind the client's unique features and natural hair movement.

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Step 2 : Sectioning and Placement

  • Section the hair strategically, focusing on connection and/or disconnection in layers.

  • What the client has as a starting point will determine how you will want to proceed. In the video below, Lo starts by focusing on blending balayage ribbons along the cheeks for a lived-in, face-framing effect.

  • Choose the best lightener that works for you (in this case, Lo is using Blue Powder Lightener by Kenra Color). Apply with a fluid sweeping motion, paying attention to even saturation and consistency.

  • Use a balayage technique with single and double-strand placements to create ribbony contrasted dimensions.

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Step 3 : Creative Techniques for Dimension

  • Tease and paint specific sections to create a variegated, ombre effect for a natural lift with a gradient effect.

  • Create a symmetrical balance by focusing on connection over sectioning, replicating the same pattern on both sides.

    coastal-copper-blog 0002 3

Step 4 : Shadow Root and Toning

  • When possible, match the client's base level for the shadow root for a cohesive, warm, and dimensional finish.

  • 6BC is used in this example to blend out the high points while adding warmth.

  • 9CC Demi-permanent with 9 Volume Activator is used for the toner to enhance the lifted areas with a pop of copper. Depending on the desired result, 7CC can also be used.

    coastal-copper-blog 0001 4

Step 5 : Styling for the Perfect Finish

  • Apply Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray to decrease blow-dry time while adding thermal protection and shine.

  • After blow-drying, style using a large barrel curling iron or jumbo waiver for texture and movement.

  • Use Kenra Platinum Dry Texture Spray 6 for volume and texture, applying underneath sections for a natural lift. Spray in short bursts for just the right effect.

  • ProTip: Finish with Blow-Dry Spray on the ends for an organic beachy aesthetic.

    coastal-copper-blog 0000 5

    And there you have it! Key takeaways to achieving a stunning coastal copper hair aesthetic shown in the video below. If you found this tutorial helpful and inspiring, don't forget to like, subscribe, and follow Lo on Instagram @lo_wheelerdavis for more amazing tutorials and tips.

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