How to Get the Sweetest Beach Hair without Being Salty About It

By: Kenra Professional

The sound of waves, the sand beneath your toes, and that flawless textured hair you get after swimming in the ocean. Cue the summer soundtrack! Even if you can’t make it to the beach, there’s no need to get FOMO. With the help of a few stellar products, you can get those sexy, beachy waves without leaving the house!

Make way for the Kenra Sugar Beach collection. It’s here to transform your hair into the summer beach waves you’ve been dreaming of. This entire collection is devoted to that wavy, tousled texture your hair gets from the saltwater and blazing sun. With products to wash, condition, and style your hair, no summer is complete without this top-notch team of products.

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Start with our Sugar Beach Shampoo and Conditioner to prep and prime your hair for beachy perfection. This summertime shampoo and conditioner are formulated with purified sugar cane to give your hair a touchable, soft texture. In addition, they will boost your hair’s moisture while still being light enough to encourage your hair to embrace a natural wave.

If you are taking your new beachy waves out for a hot day in the sun, follow up with a light layer of Sugar Beach Sun Crème 12. This texturizing crème will give your beachy waves added texture and even protect your hair color from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

It’s like sunscreen for your hair that also makes it look amazing. Simply rub an appropriate amount of the product between your fingers and then work it through your damp hair from root to tip. For optimal beachy results, let your hair air dry.

If you really want to max out on volume and texture, then you can always use Sugar Beach Spray 7 on your hair while it’s still damp to further enhance your beachy waves. This spray will give you that sexy ocean texture you are looking for while still moisturizing your hair.

This special non-drying formula is the perfect addition to any beach bag for poolside freshen-ups. You can also use it once your hair is dry to enhance your beachy texture even more.

Trying to recreate a beachy wave without a trip to the beach? Not a problem. Use your Sugar Beach Spray 7 on damp hair, then blow-dry with a diffuser. As you dry your hair, scrunch it upwards with the diffuser to create waves so voluminous that even the most skilled surfer wouldn’t dare attempt a ride.

This salon-quality spray is specially formulated to never get crunchy or sticky. So, spray away until you get the waves you are looking for.

Do you have super fine hair that doesn’t have much texture on its own? You can still use these same products with a slightly different technique to get gorgeous beachy waves. First, shampoo and condition your hair, work the Sugar Beach Sun Crème 12 through your damp hair, and spray a generous amount of Sugar Beach Spray 7 all over.

Next, divide your hair into two sections. Then, starting at the bottom, curl one-inch sections around two fingers until you have gently texturized your whole head of hair. Finally, diffuse your hair to lock in the added texture. 

Wondering if curly hair will work with Kenra Sugar Beach? Rejoice! The collection works well with every hair type. Use this collection to give your textured hair that relaxed, second-day look and feel instantly. Simply shampoo and condition and then apply a quarter-sized amount of Sugar Beach Sun Crème 12 to your damp hair from root to tip.

Next, either air dry your beachy curls for a natural bounce or diffuse for added texture. You can also use Sugar Beach Spray 7 on damp or dry hair to further the fierceness without drying out your curls. Come through curls! Get ready to look like you just came back from a tropical vacation.

This collection is complete with shampoo, conditioner, a medium hold crème, and a light hold spray with multiple benefits—minus the stickiness or crunch. You can use these products together or separately to get a soft, touchable texture while also providing sun protection and moisture for healthy hair. Kiss sun-damaged hair goodbye and say hello to
big, soft, and wavy beach hair!

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