The Best Professional Hair Color For Embracing Your Grays

By: Kenra Professional

It is incredibly common for clients to come into their color appointment ready to cover up their pesky gray roots. But recently, gray has become a rather fashionable hair color and has many people deciding to embrace their grays. Whether you are trying to transform your client’s hair into an overall gray look to match their natural roots, or you are enhancing a striking gray streak, Kenra Professional has the perfect hair color for the job.

In 2020 we saw young celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevigne, Rihanna, and so many more going for bold super-platinum dye jobs with icy gray tones. In late 2020 everyone was confined to their home during the pandemic. Just a couple of weeks in, older celebrities such as Terry Hatcher and Michelle Visage had gray roots that started showing since they could not meet up with their stylists due to social distancing.

Now, in 2021 many celebrities and everyday people alike are beginning to embrace their natural grays with the help of their colorists to boost the gorgeous tones and incorporate them seamlessly with their non-gray hair. This two-tone style has become incredibly popular, so it is time to hop on this color trend. Hair salons are back, and we can’t wait to get to work.

Kenra Color

Kenra Professional has been a top-of-the-line beauty company for over  90 years. We make products that are specifically formulated for professional performance. Our products are always reliable so that you can focus on elevating your craft and pushing the boundaries of the hair industry as we know it today. We are here to serve the stylists, whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out.

Our supreme collection of hair color is built for stylists just like you. They are made to perform and backed by science so that you can get consistent results that you can rely on. They are also easy to use with simple, straightforward formulation and tons of educational resources. In fact, we have a full site of educational videos, articles, and so much more that can help you take your craft to the next level.

Kenra Professional is a great place to seek out educational support as well as inspiration. We produce trend-driven color collections that will keep you up to date with current color trends and give you the tools to bring them to your salon. Plus, because our color formulation is easily replicable, you can be confident that the results you will get are exactly what you’d expect. We offer a wide range of colors with everything from routine gray coverage to vibrant fashion colors.

Kenra Color is designed for performance. No matter what you or your client’s color goals are, you can count on Kenra colors to produce vibrant, long-lasting color, intense shine, superior coverage, and gorgeous color saturation. Our gentle formulation will also improve the hair’s overall condition and manageability. With Kenra Color, you will have the tools you need to bring your vision to life.

The Kenra Color collection offers several stunning shades in both permanent and demi-permanent dyes, perfect for enhancing your client’s gray tones. You can also use these sleek silver and ash tones to create an all-over gray look by blending into your client’s gray roots to help them to transition to gorgeous all-over gray without patiently waiting for it to grow out.

Kenra's Gray Colors

Kenra Color offers several gray and silver tones that are perfect for adding to and enhancing existing grays. Whether the project you are working on calls for permanent or demi-permanent color, we’ve got the premiere colors that you need.

All of our colors incorporate Balancing Complex 5, a proprietary blend of five essential attributes for a gentle hair color formulation that is vibrant, long-lasting, with outstanding coverage and color saturation.  Balancing Complex 5 will improve the hair's total look and health as well as give the hair an intense healthy shine.

Our fabulous permanent  shades that could help in achieving gray include but are not limited to:
10SM Silver Metallic
8SM Silver Metallic
7SM Silver Metallic
8AA Ash Ash
7AA Ash Ash
10A Ash

Our high-quality demi-permanent shades commonly used in achieving gray include but are not limited to:
10SM Silver Metallic
8SM Silver Metallic
7SM Silver Metallic
10A Ash

Sheer Tones from our Simply Blonde Collection are permanent colors mixed with 20 vol developer and may be helpful in achieving your desired gray color if your hair has been previously lightened and is at a level ten.
Sheer Tone Steel
Sheer Tone Ice

Using Hair Color To Enhance Gray Accents

Not everyone is ready to go gray all over, but many people are beginning to embrace their gray by keeping a stylish accent piece amongst their other colors. This is a fantastic way to incorporate a bit of gray and looks especially striking when contrasted against darker tones.

To achieve this look, you will need to isolate the piece of hair that you want to transform into a gray accent and then cover the roots in other areas as you would typically. Lighten the non-gray hair of the accent piece, and then use the  Kenra Color shade of your choice to tone the accent piece according to the desired level and shade of gray.

Using Hair Color To Transition To Gorgeous All Over Gray

If your client is ready to really go for it and transform into a full-blown gray-haired goddess, then you can also use Kenra’s many fabulous shades of gray to change their overall hair color into a gorgeous multi-tonal gray masterpiece. In many circumstances, a heavy highlight or an all-over lightening service may be required before applying the perfect tone.

In addition, Kenra Professional recommends pre-toning when looking for a true-to-tone silver as the final result. Pre-tone by pre-lightening the selected hair to a Level ten, and then apply one of the Kenra Color Rapid Toners-- SV or VP-- to the har for a full five minutes. Then, shampoo, condition, towel blot, and apply the final demi-permanent SM shade of choice for up to 25 minutes for a truly sensational silver.

With Kenra Color, you can trust that the results will match the box. Use a combination of a couple of different shades and your favorite technique to transform your client’s hair into something you are confident they will love.

Professional Quality Every Time

We suggest that you recommend your client use our fabulous lines of Color Care products to preserve your hard work by locking in color for long-lasting results. These fade-fighting collections have everything your client will need to take care of their color at home. With our professional-grade shampoos, conditioners, a spray serum, and a thermal spray, they can preserve the beautiful texture and color that you created with a fabulous dye job.

With Kenra Color, you can always trust that you will get stunning results time after time. We create premium color products so that you can color with confidence and bring your vision to life.

Use our color to help your clients embrace their gray by transforming their chunky gray roots into a multi-tonal gray masterpiece. It’s 2021, and salt and pepper hair has never looked cooler. Hop on this trend with the help of Kenra Color at your side.


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