Meet The Kenra Education Team’s 5 Must-Have Hairstyling & Coloring Tools

By: Kenra Professional

When it comes to creating a range of hairstyles—from chic and polished to artfully deconstructed and boho, it’s all about the right Kenra products. But let’s give credit where it’s due: The right tools are also important to craft that perfect look.

Here, our Kenra education team shares some of their go-to hair tools that come in handy on a regular basis. From must-have brushes to colorist essentials, here are their curated selections.

Read on to find out our education team’s top picks.

Fromm Brushes

Fromm Brushes boast a range of hair brushes, from paddle iterations to ceramic round brushes to use during a shiny, bombshell blowout. The collection of ergonomic, professional hair brushes feature the latest technology and come in on-trend hues for the best performance when it comes to styling.

"I love using Fromm color brushes, they offer a great variety in texture and size. They have everything from a stiffer bristle for standard application to soft feathery bristles great for balayage,” says Cassi Young-Paxton, Senior Education Content Creator.

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Wet Brush

The Wet Brush ushered in a new category of grooming items designed specifically to be used on delicate, wet hair post-washing. It’s designed to help stop hair from breaking and keep it less damaged overall as it’s brushed wet.

“The Wet Brush is a must have for me to get any mid to long length client perfectly prepped for a toning service at the bowl,” says Sarah McGinty, Kenra Professional Brand Educator. “I love to spray Kenra’s porosity equalizing spray first on the hair, then starting at the bottom with the Wet Brush gently comb out any tangles so any gloss I use gets that even saturation and deposit. Having the Wet Brush in my tool kit helps me glide through any canvas and makes my work day so efficient.”

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Tangle Teezer

Also designed to be used on wet hair (it can also be used on dry hair, of course), the Tangle Teezer helps make quick work of detangling—even on the most sensitive children’s scalps—so that morning and evening showers are a much smoother operation. Whether you opt for The Original or the Fine & Fragile variation; handle or no handle, the Tangle Teezer makes brushing your hair (or someone else’s hair!) far less of a chore and more of a fun task.

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Framar Power Painter

This brush was designed to change the way colorists paint freehand. Available in bright colors, it makes for a vibrant part of the colorist’s process. It offers extra brush surface area that works well for balayage, but also for blending and foil color applications. It’s meant to mimic the size and shape of a painter’s brush to inspire the artist within—while still feeling comfortable in your hand. Best of all, the brand’s AccuSoft bristles are tapered, so they easily and precisely pick up and distribute the color onto the hair.

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Coo Board for Balayage

Balayage is an art and a science. Available in multiple sizes and colors, Cooboard combines a comb with a board. The original hair color paddle with teeth, this design has aided thousands of hairdressers with their highlighting work. It was created to help get closer to the root and saturate sections of hair even faster. The underside of the board can be used as a balayage board, as well. It was originally born out of colorists’ frustration with not being able to work precisely while coloring hair. While using a comb with the board helps, the comb almost never stays flat against the scalp—Cooboard solves for that beautifully.

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