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March 2024

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Kenra is extremely proud to unveil its next era of haircare with all-new shampoo and conditioner collections to suit your needs because simply put by the brand, “Your hair deserves it all.”

These all-new and innovative shampoo solutions are completely revamped from their predecessors with serious upgrades in formula, fragrance, and packaging. In addition to the Triple Repair Collection, the categories include Moisture, Volume, Color Protecting, Violet, and Clarify. Each of the formulas has unique benefits, but all of them boast the fact that they are vegan, PETA-certified, color-safe, and made without gluten*. They are also fortified with vitamins E & D, phytosqualane, and a special oat peptide that leaves the hair looking and feeling better after just one use. Let’s take a deeper dive into each collection and what makes them unique.

Kenra Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner now not only improves manageability and boosts hydration, but it also makes the hair up to 4x more resistant to breakage. A key ingredient in this collection is cactus flower extract, known to contain antioxidants and retain moisture levels. A few of the fragrance notes include Sea Air, Aquatic Melon, and Coconut Veil for a truly refreshing experience.

Moisture SC Kenra Infographic

Previously called Volumizing, Kenra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner is now formulated with bamboo extract and helps provide up to 45% increased volume with noticeable lift at the scalp. Given its benefit, it is ideal for normal to fine hair and has a lightweight formula that won’t weigh the hair down. Some of the fragrance notes include Black Currant, Golden Amber, and Jasmine.

Volume SC Kenra Infographic

Although all of the Kenra shampoos and conditioners are color-safe, Kenra Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner has added layers of protection built-in for extra color longevity. This pH-balanced formula contains moringa leaf extract, which is known to provide a protective barrier around hair strands and shield it from external damage. A few key notes in this sultry yet comforting fragrance include Cocoa and Shea Butter, Vanilla Bean, and Strawberry Puree. Used as a set, this collection will help maintain up to 95% of color longevity through 40 shampoos.

ColorProtecting SC Kenra Infographic

Talk about an upgrade! Kenra Violet Shampoo and Conditioner is powered by cosmetic-grade pigments to neutralize brassy tones in both blonde and gray hair between salon services. In addition to counteracting unwanted color, it leaves dull processed hair feeling moisturized with the soothing help of lavender extract as a key ingredient. Fragrance notes include Plum, Camelia, and Cedarwood.

Violet Shampoo Kenra Infographic

Clarify is a shampoo on its own and can be combined with any conditioner in the Kenra family of conditioners based on hair type and concern. Ideal for use in rotation with another shampoo, it is powered by ingredients like Willow Bark Extract to effectively remove excess oils, impurities, silicones, hard-hold stylers, and mineral deposits all while remaining color-safe for those who need it. It effectively clarifies without leaving the hair feeling dry or stripped. A few notes in this fresh and invigorating fragrance include Grapefruit and Orange alongside Spearmint, Wild Mint, and Orris Root. Use as a weekly reset to restore the hair’s natural radiance.

Clarify SC Kenra Infographic

Last but certainly not least, Kenra Triple Repair Shampoo, Conditioner, and Split End Mending Serum are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to next-era hair repair. Fortified with the same DualBond technology present in some of the Kenra Color Lighteners, the Triple Repair Collection is sulfate-free and reduces breakage by up to 89% when used as a set. It also helps to visibly mend up to 90% of split ends with each use. L-Arginine is a key ingredient that helps in the repair process, and the fragrance coincides with the Violet Collection to complement each other as they are used in conjunction with blonding services. All of the product packaging has received a face lift as well with improvements in design, usability, and aesthetic. Now the lids come with a twist-lock feature to allow for effortless and worry-free travel in your checked bags. The 10oz bottles have even been modified to provide better grip in the shower and have additional features for ease of use. Kenra Professional is ecstatic with the launch of this collection, and we are grateful to our customers who helped shape the next era in haircare with Kenra.

TR PDP Igredients

Truly, your hair deserves it all. * Although formulated without gluten, we cannot guarantee that the products are gluten-free from cross-contamination that may occur in the manufacturing facilities.

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