Summer Color Services to Keep Your Clients Bold and Bright

By: Kenra Professional

Summertime is a great time to make sure your hair is at its brightest, with graduations, vacations, weddings, barbecues, and other events happening all at once! In this tutorial, Artistic Brand Educator Brittany Gillespie @thebrittanyshears shows how to perform a Dimensional Summer Blonde Refresh color application featuring Simply Blonde Lightener and the Kenra Color Monochrome collection that will have your clients’ color fully refreshed and looking their best.

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“The overall goal for this look is to refresh someone’s pre-existing color with both highlights and lowlights in a relatively quick and easy technique. The main focus will be around the front hairline and the crown for high impact.”

Step 1: Start by parting the hair with a standard four-quadrant sectioning. Mix Simply Blonde Beyond Bond Lightener with 20 Volume Developer and apply babylight foils to the hairline in each quadrant. Pay close attention to detail on the hairline to create maximum brightness.

Pro Tip : For increased brightness, do two back-to-back babylights to the root and backcomb a third foil with a standard weave using Beyond Bond Lightener.

Repeat the two babylights and one standard weave on the perimeter of all four quadrants.

Step 2: Next, let down all of the hair and re-section the top into a horseshoe with the rounded end just below the crown. Then, clip all of the remaining hair out of the way and begin foiling the top. This is where the lowlight formula will be incorporated.

Step 3: In this top section, alternate 2 zigzag slice highlight accents to 1 backcombed standard weave lowlight accent. For this look shown, Kenra Color Monochrome 7MB+ & 9GV+ in equal parts were used for the dimensional lowlight accent. Brittany loves using Monochrome for adding dimension to her blondes. “The Kenra Color Monochrome series has the most beautiful tones and the color is rich and vibrant!”

“The zigzag slice highlight will create soft highlights with maximum impact. This is important in an express service because our guest wants a noticeable change and this will brighten them up significantly!”

For the lowlight, take a standard weave and then backcomb it and apply the color at the root. Then, feather the color out through the mids while leaving out the ends. This is going to create dimension but allow her ends to still have brightness. In addition, these dimensional accents are going to refresh the color and add movement to the overall transformation.

Optional Step for Gray Coverage: Apply a base color in between foils if necessary for overall consistency and any applicable gray coverage needs. In this example, 8N+ and 7MB+ with 20 volume was applied at the root. Process for 30-40 mins.

Step 4: Once the highlights and color are shampooed from the hair, tone the overall look with VP or B Rapid Toner for an express toning service in five minutes or less. When using Rapid Toners, Brittany finds that the best practice is to shampoo and condition the hair after the initial color service, towel blot, and then mix the Rapid Toner with 9 Volume Activator at a 1:2 ratio.

“The Rapid Toners oxidize in five minutes, so once it is mixed it needs to be quickly applied. Rapid Toners are great for express services to enhance a color, cancel out unwanted warmth, or give a completely different tonal result.”

Step 5: Once the Rapid Toners have processed properly, shampoo and condition with Kenra Color Maintenance Shampoo & Conditioner. Style as desired.

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