Warm Golden Color Melt Using Kenra Creatives

By: Wesley Boyce

Golden locks and warm, sun-kissed strands are not only a staple in our industry but also currently a top trending look. Most people tend to grab demi or permanent color for these types of services, but Kenra Color Creatives also provide an array of soft, natural, and wearable shades suitable for any client. Although Kenra Color Creatives are considered semi-permanent, they have an impressive longevity of up to 50 shampoos based on porosity and condition. This makes them a perfect addition to your portfolio while getting to be "creative" with your formulation.

When using creatives, client will need to be pre-lightened for maximum vibrancy. Assess texture and porosity and formulate accordingly.

Sectioning: Start with 1" section around the entirety of the front hairline. Then create two additional sections separated horizontally at the parietal ridge. This will create three main sections: Front Hairline, Top, and Bottom. The top section will have foils, and the bottom section will be the start of the color melt.

warm gold step1

Base Formula-  Equal Parts  Muted Copper +  Velvet Wine +  Yellow
Formula 2-  4 Parts  Honey Coral + 1 Part  Yellow

Step 1: Apply Base Formula at root between ½ to 1 inch and melt into Formula 2 on mids and ends using back-to-back diagonal or vertical foils around the front hairline section. Because the front hairline section is so thin, there should not be much hair left out in between foils. Paint any baby fine or vellus hairs too short to foil with the Base Formula for continuity. This will allow for a brighter pop of boldness and brightness around the face.

warm gold step2

Step 2: In the top section, work with the client’s natural parting by placing vertical foils, starting just behind the front hairline section, applying both formulas in the same way as Step 1. Work around the head to ensure that the foils stay vertical in the top, horseshoe shaped section.  

warm gold step3

Step 3: Move to the bottom section and apply color from the nape of the neck upward. Apply the base formula and drag down considerably further, creating added depth to the lower portion of the head. Melt Formula 2 into the mid-lengths and ends and continue working up the head until you have colored the entire bottom section.

warm gold step4

Step 4: Apply color in between the foils in the top section using the same technique used in the bottom section, bringing the Base Formula down further from the root than what was done in the foils. This helps to create that soft seamless melt with lots of depth and dimension next to the foils. Process for up to 30 minutes.

warm gold step5

Step 5: Shampoo and condition the hair using Kenra Professional Color Maintenance Shampoo & Conditioner. Use Perfect Blowout 5 to protect the hair from heat while providing a light hold. Style as needed, and enjoy this beautiful, bold color that is sure to turn heads. 

warm gold step5.1

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