Love Is in the Hair: Your Bridal Hair Guide for Wedding-Ready Styles

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From behind-the-scenes beauty shots with your bridesmaids to close-ups of you and your beloved, your hair will be a mane focus on your special day. Choosing a look that complements your features, your dress, and your personal style is one of the biggest decisions you can make when every little detail counts. From inspiration to preparation to the final transformation, it’s time to fall in love with the process of achieving your perfect bridal hairstyle.

Prepare, Repair, and Care for Your Hair

When it comes to getting gorgeous hair for your wedding day, it’s important to begin early. As soon as they get down on one knee, it’s time for you to get to work. Start by prioritizing hair health. Regular trims, deep conditioning treatments, and using quality haircare products are essential for maintaining healthy hair. Schedule regular appointments for cuts, color treatments, and consultations with stylists well in advance to ensure your hair is in perfect condition on your perfect day.

Say “I Do” to Your Perfect Do (or Hairdo)
Diving into the world of wedding hairstyles unveils luxurious looks you might not normally wear in your day-to-day life. When making your decisions, consider the shape of your face, your hair texture and length, and the style of your dress. Start by exploring some of the following options, and don’t get married to a single look before you’ve had some fun trying them all out!

Classic Updo (Tie the Knot): A timeless updo like a French twist works for most hair lengths and textures and is a well-loved look that can be tailored to match traditional and modern themes.

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Half-Up/Half-Down (or Split the Difference): Showcase long hair and keep it off your face with this versatile style that combines the elegance of an updo with the romance of soft curls.

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Loose Waves (or Waves Hello): A full head of cascading waves adds softness for medium to long hair and can be accentuated with delicate hair accessories or floral accents.

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Sleek Chic Ponytail: Sleek and stylish, this minimalist look adds a modern touch for a variety of lengths. Use a texturizing taffy to define, smooth, and add shine.

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Woven Wonders & Braided Styles: From intricate braided updos to boho-chic fishtails, braids offer endless possibilities for all hair types. Use a texture spray for lightweight hold and easy molding.

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Have Fun with Buns: Whether smooth and polished or soft and tousled, a low bun is a classic and refined option that highlights every hair type.

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Enjoy a Fine Vintage with Classic Styles: Retro waves, victory rolls, or pin-up curls add a touch of old-world glamour that can be adapted depending on length and texture.

From rhinestones to flowers to veils, take any of these looks to the next level with bridal hair accessories. Not sure where to start? Check out our pro tips in the video at the bottom of the page for perfect placements and allow your imagination to soar.

Court Your Stylist and Set Up Dates in Advance
Enlist your (other) most important partner, your stylist, to help you create a look everyone will fall head over heels for. When it comes to maintaining a great relationship with your best man or woman, communication is key. Bring those dreamy inspiration photos you’ve been collecting for months, chat about your hair loves and worries, and book a trial run to test the magic. Think of it as an exciting first date—you’ll see their skills in action and make adjustments as you go so there are no surprises. While it’s important to have your own vision, it’s equally important to trust your stylist’s expertise. Nurturing a fun and collaborative long-term engagement ensures you feel like the wedding belle of your ball.

Get Tressed to Impress with a DIY Approach
For brides who love a hands-on experience, there is nothing wrong with taking a DIY approach to your hairdo! Follow these styling tips and you’ll get a personalized look that’s all you. Start with freshly washed hair and pump up the volume with mousse. Pour over step-by-step guides on YouTube[1] to create chic updos or easy beachy waves. Add texture with a sugar beach spray and set your style with a super-hold finishing spray. Smooth on a dash of anti-frizz serum for a long-lasting look that shines bright like a diamond.

Don’t Let Style Slips Steal Your Spotlight
Worried about having a bad hair day on your biggest day? Flyaways can turn your masterpiece into a mess. Humidity and dancing can get your hair into a sticky situation, but don’t sweat it. Tame stray strands with anti-frizz products and sprays. Use a hydration mask a few days in advance for silky hair that’s not weighed down. Don’t forget to prep an emergency kit with hairpins, hair ties, hairspray, and a mini comb or brush.

With these must-have tips and tools, your hair will stay picture-perfect from “I do” to “let’s dance.”

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Volume Spray 25

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