Kenra Color

Blue Booster

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Kenra Color® Permanent Coloring Creme portfolio consists of gentle, low-ammonia color available in a wide array of multi-dimensional tones that deliver consistent, reliable results.

  • Designed to create custom, signature color shades

  • Add into any Kenra Color Permanent formulation for increased vibrancy

  • Red - Enhanced red reflection to levels 7 and below

  • Blue - Blue enhancement to levels 5 and below

  • Violet - Violet reflection to levels 6 and below


Kenra Color Permanent Coloring Creme Developers were specially formulated for use with Kenra Color Permanent Coloring Cremes. Available in 10 Volume (3%), 20 Volume (6%), 30 Volume (9%), and 40 Volume (12%) strengths.

Standard Processing Time: 30 minutes. Processing time for gray coverage: up to 40 minutes.

Mixing Instructions: In a non-metallic bowl, mix one-part Kenra Color Permanent Coloring Creme with one-part Kenra Color Permanent Coloring Creme Developer 10-40 Volume (1:1). spray hair with Kenra Color Porosity Equalizing Spray and apply color. Process for 30 minutes/up to 40 minutes for gray coverage. Color Booster Mixing ratio for increased vibrancy: 1 oz. Permanent Coloring Creme, 1 oz. Permanent Creme Developer and add up to ¼ oz. Color Booster
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