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When it comes to curly hair, there are traditional overarching categories for hair pattern, type, and texture, but in the end, your hair and styling goals are just as unique as you are. At Kenra Professional, we understand the need for products that have multiple benefits while providing versatility in their performance, depending on the desired outcome. That is why we carefully crafted ALLCURL, a collection of six care and styling products to meet the needs of every wave, curl, and coil out there through a key focus on moisture, elongation, and definition. Below are the benefits of this fantastic range made specifically without sulfates, silicones, or parabens.


AllCurl Cleansing Rinse
Meet our first targeted rinse designed to gently cleanse while providing essential care to all curl types. Featuring a polyblend of fruit extracts and vinegar, this shampoo alternative will help to strengthen the hair and increase shine while maintaining a low pH. Apply desired amount to root and massage into wet hair, add water to lather. Rinse and follow with AllCurl Balancing Conditioner.

AllCurl Balancing Conditioner
The perfect partner to AllCurl Cleansing Rinse, Balancing Conditioner has what it takes to meet the demands of hair that needs consistent hydration. Supported with Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, and Safflower Seed Oil, this mighty moisturizer is sure to soften those curls and prepare the hair for styling.

AllCurl Hydrating Leave-In
Versatility abounds in this multi-use spray leave-in conditioner. AllCurl Hydrating Leave-In is a perfect foundation for wet styling while also being a fabulous second or third day curl refresher spray. Featuring Tacuma Seed Butter and Squalane, Hydrating Leave-In is sure to quench your hair’s thirst when used regularly.

AllCurl Lightweight Defining Crème
Kenra’s Classic Curl Defining Crème 5 is still a fan favorite, so we have expanded on this product by creating it in a lighter formulation for hair that may need such a solution. Providing moisture and elongation, it also provides light definition and humidity defense to reduce frizz while offering thermal protection and increased shine to help your curls look their brightest and best.

AllCurl Defining Jelly
In addition to cremes and mousses, gels and jellies are an essential part of the styling process for curl connoisseurs. AllCurl Defining Jelly provides high definition and shine without the crunch and can be layered to increase the hold your hair needs to stay in place.

AllCurl Sealing Oil Spray
Let your locks shine with a spray that seals in hydration and promotes a brilliant finish. Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil help to nourish and protect strands. The Sealing Oil Spray also offers thermal protection, reduced frizz, and humidity defense to keep those curls looking fabulous.

A unique feature of the AllCurl Collection is the intentional no hold factor. The versatility of the AllCurl Collection allows you to layer additional product into your hair to increase the hold and/or elongation of your curls. As you can see below, how you choose to cocktail the products will determine the end result, giving you many styling options!

CallingAllCurls 2

Within the collection, Hydrating Leave-In, Lightweight Defining Crème, and Defining Jelly help to support medium elongation along with definition and moisture. Defining Jelly is the superior product when it comes to higher elongation.

CallingAllCurls 3

Like all of our products, AllCurl is PETA certified and cruelty-free. Sustainability was also a driving force when creating the AllCurl Collection. Kenra Professional is proud to use Ocean Bound Plastic in the packaging of the Cleansing Rinse and Balancing Conditioner. The styling products’ packaging is made of up to 96% recycled plastics, helping to ensure a greener, cleaner alternative that reduces waste and carbon emissions.

Knowing your styling goals better than anyone else, what DO your curls crave?

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